September 2, 2012

Marconi Beach, Welfleet

Marconi Beach, Welfleet, MA

I'm excited to finally finish my Cape Cod guide... next month... haha

It was wonderful to be away for so long - at least I consider 5 days to be a long time, and as expected, we came home to full In-boxes and a list of new projects to tackle.

But that's how I like it!  I have to be busy, or I die.  
Like a shark has to swim forward, right?

We drove from Falmouth to Hyannis on the first day, stayed in Hyannis on Main Street, then drove 6A to Yarmouth, then to Welfleet and back on 28, stopping in Brewster, Dennis, Chatham, Harwich and any and all little towns that struck our fancy.

We finally filled all the gaps of little roads we'd never taken before, and can finally say we've drive all of Cape Cod!

What can you get at a place called "The Pancake Man" ?

Fish sandwiches, of course!

sailor knots at Artist Alley, Hyannisport

Salt-water Taffy

Pirate's Cove mini golf

at Sweet Tomatoes in Yarmouth

Welfleet Drive-in Flea Market

at Wicked Thrift


  1. Lovely pictures! This makes me want to visit a beach even more than before. And your sandals are so cute!

  2. Anonymous14.9.12

    Hi! Wicked Thrift on Cape Cod wants to thank you for the mention and great picture of our vintage room. Hope to see you, again! Tammy, Owner

  3. Anonymous14.9.12

    Psssttt...that's not pirates cove!

  4. Anonymous14.9.12

    Also, please tell me you didn't eat at Pancake Man...