September 9, 2012

Recent Art / Anime Rambles

Recent commission of Sentaro from Kids on the Slope for a friend

I haven't seen Kids on the Slope yet.  To be honest, despite the fact that I was basically raised on Speed Racer and Sailor Moon reruns, I don't watch a lot of anime anymore, if any.

Hm, let's see, I watched the entire run of Hana Yori Dango, Miyazaki's "Sherlock Hound" and a whole bunch of Lupins, the Joan of Arc one, and the one about the guys who do the Swan Lake ballet dance... oh man, what were those called??

But I've heard great things about it from other people whose opinions I tend to agree with, so let's see if we can Netflix it.

坂道のアポロン Sakamichi no Aporon {Apollo on the Slope}

It was really fun for someone to ask me to paint an anime character. 

It was like going back to my roots!

Despite studying painting in college, it took many years to shake the manga/anime thing that had engrained itself so deeply into my artistic routes.

Probably like how some guys have trouble shaking the muscle-y Marvel comics thing when they start taking anatomy lessons.  

I think it's hard to shake the habits you developed while learning independently.  We all can't help but take pieces from our formative years.  Like drawing Sailor Moon characters was the first real initiative I had taken in drawing, and keeping a regular sketchbook.

And I find no shame in that.

Sure I drew Donald Duck and stuff when I was tiny, but when you start to feel like a simple hobby/talent could be your life's work, it gets serious.  

I was really surprised when someone told me one of my paintings had anime eyes!  At 27!  I couldn't even see it!!  But can't argue with someone else's perception.

some {non-anime} art on eBay ending tonight (Sunday 9/9/12) :


  1. I just finished watching Kids on the Slope. (I bittorrented it but I think you can watch it on crunchyroll) It's a very chill slice of life anime and it combines my 3 fav anime people- Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop) on music, Nobuteru Yuki on character designs and Shinichirō Watanabee (Cowboy Bebop) on directing. I haven't been keen on a lot of new anime stuff- I've gotten more into comics beyond manga, but I really like chill well done animes. I think the animation in Kids on the Slope is pretty good too. I'd give it a shot.

    1. I noticed your blog post on it actually! So yeah thanks for the info on the production, sounds like an awesome line up! Will definitely check it out :D