October 9, 2012

Bits from the Week

The Food Truck Festival in Framingham was really fun, but the radio station that was set up there played Lady Gaga so loud, I couldn't hear a thing!

I rarely post pictures of myself, it makes me feel weird!

Kind of stripes-crazy this year.  I loved this dress from Madewell!  But it was the black sweater on the left that I had specifically gone there to get, and subsequently left with.  Had been wanting that sweater for 2 months, finally jumped on it.

Couldn't wait for it to go on sale - I'm already freezing!

Speaking of which - I get cold all the time - like even when there is a breeze in summer.  I have no idea, maybe poor circulation.

So I sprung for real wool socks this year and found an awesome deal at Dick's Sporting Goods for two pairs of Smart Wool socks for $18 total.

Oh man, it's good to finally have warm feet ...

A Buddah roll from the kaiten sushi place in Natick

This was from the last day of warm weather, now the window is closed and I'm trying to keep my plants from freezing!

saw this at the Hubbardston flea market and it made me laugh - 
Optional Goals...


  1. youre so pretty, your should post more cords! I think you should save up for the dress!!!

  2. You are so adorbs in the striped dress! And the "CAREERS" game - it's funny to think how one might lose @ this game - 'oh crud! I picked the "forced-to-be-a-circus-clown" card!'