October 7, 2012

Hanson's Farm + Being Happy

Andy and I spent some time this weekend at Hanson's Farm in Framingham, MA.

They have a corn maze, haunted hay-ride, and a charming farm stand with sweet corn, squash, pumpkins, herbs, radishes and other nice things.

A few horses roam the pasture, along with some sheep and a sweet old goat.

Lately I feel really happy

I even started adding little smiley faces to the corners of my date book on each day I felt good.  I can't believe I can look back at the entire month and only see ONE sad face!  (and that day wasn't even that bad)

I think I just stopped assuming I couldn't do things, couldn't have things, or wasn't a capable enough person.  

For example I used to think "Oh I could never have that, I'm not rich enough." or "I could never stop biting my nails, I'm too nervous"

But I'm not a shopaholic, I know perfectly well that I could afford anything if I just save up.  And here we are now, lovely-looking nails and all because I discovered I wouldn't bite my nails if I just painted them and took up a hands-on hobby like sewing.
So I guess you could say I just started to trust myself more.  
And you should too If you suffer from the same affliction.  
And I would call that kind of self-depreciation 'suffering'

 Our two-year anniversary is coming up this Wednesday!  (10.10)  Hm, what to make?  Pumpkin cupcakes? (Like we had at our wedding?)  Apple cinnamon pear bread? (Like we get from Lucky's, our favorite restaurant)



  1. What a beautiful farm! I love the colors and the pumpkins. So pretty.

    I like your idea of recording your happiness with smiley faces and your thoughts on being happy. I think I will try that since I've been going through some mood swings lately.

  2. take more B vitamins! glad your happy...CANT BELIEVE ITS BEEN TWO YEARS!! yippeeee!~

  3. I know! I need to pop come centrum, haha thanks B!