October 15, 2012

Orange you glad

I've had orange on the brain this week; from eating sweet potatoes and pumpkin scones to this burnt umber toggle jacket (left), and even in my art, it's been various shades of between red and yellow.

Maybe I'm just tuned into to it now, but I'm drawn to orange things everyday.  

Orange used to make me think of Caldor, the department store my mother used to work at when I was very young, and they had this very 70s' ombre logo:



I just loved this bright orange shirt, but ultimately left without it.  My favorite colors this season are mint, camel and black, wearing them in shifting proportions :)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Went to Tom Grady's amazing gallery show this weekend.

Tom did a mind-blowing 100 portraits, all from ages 0 - 100!

I saw a few familiar faces, friends and colleagues from the museum.  His ability to capture likenesses is just astounding!

And speaking of likenesses...

It just so happened that Thursday was my black & white portrait lesson for my teen painting class at the museum.  I like to have the kids go directly from reference and work larger than life.  

Not many people have the opportunity to work big in their homes, so it's great to use the studio space to the best of it's capabilities.

I make them choose from a batch, there was Uncle Jessie (from Full House) some WeeGee portraits from 1940, Tom Selleck, some random 80's yearbook photos, Audrey Hepburn, and Quest Love from the Roots.

Noah totally rocks the Selleck.

They both capture different aspects of the same person!  So cool!

I drew/painted a mouth as an example to help a student, 
and the result both amuses and terrifies me


  1. I have that exact toggle coat! Tom's exhibit was such a cool idea.

  2. Anonymous16.10.12

    I am loving the coat; the colour is fabulous. I couldn't agree more with you. Where do you shop, by the way? I just realize I have New England fever. I miss it.

    1. Thanks! I usually shop at either Saver's (a large thrift store) or Madewell.
      Trying to shop less actually!

      Yeah this is the best time of year, then it's the dreaded New England winters - NOOOOOO

    2. Anonymous18.10.12

      I barely shop at all, so if I shop "less" then shopping would be zip nada none. (shrug)

    3. That's a great quality to have!!

    4. Anonymous19.10.12

      I wouldn't say that. I admire my female friends who work hard for their money and create their own style that fits their personality (besides, fashion designers are artists to me, anyway). It's no better or worse than say, spending money on pieces of art from an art gallery. I am an artist and a writer, but what makes my art more "sophisticated" to buy than a piece of clothing that was designed by another artist? I beg to differ! While this comment is not really directed at you per say, but I smirk when somebody thinks buying less automatically means "less maintenance." Not necessarily true.