October 22, 2012

Pieces from the week

A smattering of cell phone pictures from the week

I ate a honey crisp apple as big as my face.


  1. Ah you look like a Jille model! I love that trench! Where'd you get it??

    PS I'm so glad I get to see your little apple face more on this blog! You look great! Did you really shed that stubborn post grad weight from just doing yogie? :/

    1. Ah you're so sweet! I got it at a thrift store for $12! But it doesn't have a lining so I can't wear it much longer :(

      Yeah, oh my gosh the yo-yoing was crazy, but I just started to walk as much as possible, and for two weeks I did a Jillian Michael's DVD.

      The workout was only 20 minutes long each day but it totally kicked my butt!

  2. wow you have such a great eye..cant believe they were taken with a cell phone!!love it


  3. Autumn is REALLY like Autumn over there - it's just...slightly colder here.

    Much jealousy!