November 2, 2012

Artwork: Old + New

This painting was auctioned off to benefit the Boys + Girls Club of Worcester last week.

It is quite old, I think I did this painting in 2006, and I'm rather horrified to look upon it now! haha.  There are a number of problems with it, and I wish I could go back in time and tell the younger me to use more reference material, (because without it that's why eeeeeverybody looks the same!) but it's also nice to see how much my work has changed since college.

And cut to the present; finished inking an Ernie Chan piece from "Conan" this week.  This is the first time I've been asked to ink pencils by a posthumous artist.  Ernie Chan passed away this spring, RIP, and I don't know why but it felt weird.

[My grammar is so bad, I have no idea how to say posthumous without it sounding like a ghost has made a request or that I'm dead and working on it from beyond the grave.]

My English teachers would be ashamed, I'm sure.

A nice color combination I found while folding the laundry.

And there was something else hiding in the laundry!


  1. Your dog is so cute! I really like seeing your pencil sketches. :)

    1. Actually these pencils aren't mine! These are done by a great artist Ernie Chan, who sadly died this May. I was asked to ink his pencils, and it made me feel kind of weird working on an artists's work who has passed away :/

      I mean, I ink people's pencils all the time, but it just felt bizarre!