November 7, 2012


Our wedding anniversary trip was scheduled for Nov. 1st, and of course, Sandy hit with all her fury and we were thiiiiiis close to canceling.

Cuomo offered free transportation service Nov 1 + 2nd, and after skipping the commuter rush, we were still able to enjoy the weekend, black-outs and all :)

Sending our thoughts to all our friends affected by it - hope you got out okay, Misha!

Grand Central fresh market.  Insanely over priced, but if you need something delicious and healthy and your train is coming, it's your only option

My old neighborhood, the Flat Iron District, was eerily dark 
- notice there are no stop lights, street lamps or illuminated buildings.

a memoir from 1973 New York

Joe Fresh

at Kinokuniya

curry chicken salad + cranberry chutney at Le Pain Quotidien

Noticed my girl Ming Doyle at Jim Hanley's!  Woo!

AND another friend: Ansis Purin's 'Zombre' there as well!

Of course, the part of New York I can't stand, Times Square, was lit up just fine.


  1. Such gorgeous photos - as always! - I love seeing places through your eyes.

  2. great pics!!!!! you were lucky you could go ;-)

    1. Thank you! Yes we were grateful :)