January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

 Hello 2013!

Wow, it feels super futuristic, doesn't it?  

Andy and I had a really nice New Year's Eve walking around First Night Worcester, dinner with lovely family and friends at our favorite place, and champagne, Italian chocolate and the Three Stooges at midnight.

Couldn't ask for more

2012 accomplishments

  • - new clients + new friends
  • - traveled quite a bit, ate lots of new delicious things
  • - discovered a new love of cooking + baking
  • - discovered I can fix things like a mini This Old House
  • - learning to dissolve stress instead of compress it
  • - deeper appreciation and understanding of family
  • - my students told me I was their favorite teacher

Things Learnt

  • - you can't walk crooked to evenly wear out your shoes
  • - the dog follows you around everywhere because she loves you
  • - butter makes it better
  • - flowers falling off doesn't mean you killed another plant
  • - a thank you note means a lot to somebody
  • - letting someone tell you the same story 4 times is no big deal

New Year's Resolutions

cultivate inner calmness
working smarter is working harder
give kindness + accept kindness

 We went to a nice little cafe on Main Street ("Paris of the Eighties", which is apparently some kind of nick-name for Worcester, although I have absolutely no idea what it means) and they had a sweet little fireplace and hung-with-care stockings.

Jasmine tea and 1900s photobooks, it was a nice break from the cold.

And check out that guy up there, playing two saxes at once - WHOA - amazing!  We saw these guys (Bunny Price & the Bluesicians) 9 years ago at our first NYE together as a couple, and have been following them ever since.

Walked around the newly renovated downtown area, so great to see all the families ice-skating, the multi cultural food trucks, warm lights on City Hall and a general peaceful feeling.

Still working on lots of projects, below is a preliminary for upcoming academic publication.

Freelance, the strange beast that it is, has really picked up again so Frankenstein issue 2 is still slow to come out.

(Sorry! It's basically done, but work keeps getting in the way of the publishing part)


  1. Anonymous3.1.13

    Happy New Year Veronica!
    2012 sounded like an accomplished and satisfying year for you and it ended on a peaceful and lovely note too :)

    Here's to an exciting 2013~

  2. That man is singing on two saxophones? Wicked!

  3. Happy new year!!!! I cant believe you got so much snow..its tried here but nothing has stuck :/