January 4, 2013

On the table

macintosh apple salsa

anisette sponge cakes + tea

my favorite dessert this month - mini pretzel s'mores

Eating our way through the neglected freezer.  Haven't done that in so long since we've been really trying to eat fresh.  So that means I'll be making every kind of tilapia my spice rack can muster.  Phew.


  1. These are lovely pictures! I really love the tablecloth! :D

    The mini pretzel s'mores look cute and yummy; I've never thought of that before! :p

  2. Anonymous6.1.13

    you make me hungry! love the idea!

    i've never had s'mores before.. that's one thing i didn't get a chance to try when i was in NYC :)

    1. Thanks Lea, you should make them at home!

  3. ohmygarsh I've been on a total annissette sponge cake craze lately! I thought I was the only one under 90 that buys them. ;)