January 13, 2013

The Crompton Collective

Amy Chase, style powerhouse and all around cool lady, set up an artist & vendor collective in the Crompton Building Worc., MA.

[information here]

You have to check it out the next time you are in Central Mass - I love this place and really feel like it's just another sign of how Worcester is completely redefining itself as a wonderful, proactive city.

We need more places like the Collective!

I love looking at old toys & antiques, seeing what local artists are up to, and generally oooohing at package design, AND it's in a really cool renovated old mill.

Some evidence if you're not yet convinced:

Check it out if you're around!


  1. Wow so cool! I so want to go!

  2. I've wanted to get up there since I first discovered their Facebook page...an hour's drive never seemed so far! But, soon, I hope! ;)

    1. You can make a day of it in the surrounding area if you like, there's lots to do in Woo!