April 3, 2013

Japan Travelogue : 第1週

Well, my first week in Japan has been nothing short of insanity.

Between 6 planes and 48 hours of hellish travel, (Thanks a bunch, Dreamliner) I came down with a serious case of acute bronchitis teetering on the dangerous line of pneumonia.

But with the help of my sister in law two trips to the wonderful doctor down the street, I'm feeling much better. Was even able to go outside and see the cherry trees!

But my days have mostly consisted of crazy Japanese TV, matcha, and Kumamon noodles

More soon!


  1. Anonymous3.4.13

    I was really excited when you mentioned you were going to blog during your trip to Japan, but I never would have expected you to fall so sick! I'm glad you're feeling better and I'm still really excited to read about your adventures!
    Take care of yourself :D

  2. Oh nooooo!!!!! Feel better! Hope this trip rounds out soon :( sending you better feelin vibes~~~~