February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Card for the Boston Phoenix

Every year for the past 3 or so, the Boston Phoenix has included me in their 
Clip-N-Share Valentine's Day Cards.  

You can find it in print this week, clip one out for your significant other, 

I love seeing what the other artists make!
It's a really fun assignment and I look forward to it :)

Here's my contribution:


Usually I don't work 100% digital, but tried it out anyway. 

 I really liked this coloring, actually - it was simple but not too flat. I thought maybe I should've stopped here, but got excited with Color Dodge...

Tried out a blue-hue...

final printing 



  1. That looks amazing.

  2. Ye gods - that is so awesome!! You are a genius in every way.

  3. I really like the effect the blue gave! I wish I had better skills!!!

  4. Thanks guys! Haha B you got skillz

  5. Sweet! You always have such creative and colorful illustrations :)

    A quick question: Since you work at WAM I was wondering if you could tell me anything about the title or artists who created the wall upstairs that is covered in portrait of asian schoolboys? I only ask because my research online has been fruitless!!


  6. Thanks Jill!

    Sure I can help you there, that piece is called "Who Am We" by Do Ko Suh, and it's about the loss of identity in a Korean military school. You should be able to look up more from there!

    V :D