April 13, 2013

Dispatches from Japan 第8回 お花見

My first ohanami in Japan was a great experience, and I have my lovely brother and sister in law to thank for facilitating that. Lots of great conversation, (I spoke about %80 in Japanese! It was so great!) and lots of good food and meeting great people.

Then we went to karaoke to meet more lovely people and have more great food. (The little girls are singing the theme song to PreCure 可愛い子供達はプリキュアのテーマソングを歌ている)

I'm learning so much from expats that have really created a great life here. I think it's so important to integrate into your community, otherwise you risk abject loneliness. It's scary to think about relocating, but in an exciting way. I mean you can still be a private person, but you need to reach out to people at some point.

No man is an island, right?

I have a lot of respect for people who learn a new language and reestablish themselves in a country literally on the other side of the globe. Or really anywhere that requires a huge cultural shift.

It has also given me a new appreciation for people learning English! Whoa! Hard stuff! 偉そう!

But despite the fun of ohanami and karaoke, I still feel so sad without my husband. 思いきゃチョウ悲しい

I had no idea I was this emotionally needy! Before him I was super independent, not interested in marriage or anything, definitely working-woman attitude.

But now all I can think about is getting back to him, hoping he's okay, wanting to make him coffee! It's amazing! 欲しがる人になるね

Anyway, some pics for you


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  1. ive always dreamed of going to sing karaoke, never been!!