April 17, 2013

Dispatches from Japan 第10回 Osu Kannon + Kamimaezu 大須観音+上前津

Spent an afternoon by myself taking the train from Hirabari 平針 to Osu Kannon 大須観音 and then to Sakae 栄.

Despite being there once before, it was the first time back in 2.5 years, thought I'd get lost. Happily, I was inadvertently going in the right direction!

I gave money to the frog shrine at Gero onsen, so maybe the gods were kind to me.

Osu is Nagoya's version of Tokyo's Akihabara, and Sakae and Fushimi are alot like Daikanyama and Shibuya.  Nagoya is a great city, you can find anything here you can find in Tokyo.

Including $7 coffee, yikes

(I avoid cafe coffee since its expensive and just get it from the machines)

I made some roasted pumpkin for lunch! Mm, kabocha

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