April 20, 2013

Dispatches from Japan 第13回 お好み焼き


本当に最高だった、すごく美味しかった~ いい思い出になるでしょう


My sister in law and her mother took us out for an amazing okonomiyaki place in Ueda. I ordered the set lunch (most places here offer them) called "Yuna",

{it came with yuzu salad, tenmusu, (tempura shrimp in an onigiri) okonomiyaki and coconut pudding for dessert, oh and hojicha latte!}

Then at Hills Walk took photobooth pics with my sister in law. A really nice memory all around.

りきゅうって言うお店 http://www.rikyu-japan.com/

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  1. What is that last photo about?

    All the food looks so delicious.