May 1, 2013

Dispatches from Japan 第19回 - Departures 出発

These are the last of my iPad-snapped Japan photos, I actually have 800 more on my Nikon! Whoa-ho-ho!

But don't worry I won't dump all of those here, just the best 50 or so over the next few weeks.

Staying there for a month was just long enough to start developing a new daily routine, and weirdly I found myself experiencing some culture shock coming back to my own country.

Why isn't the bank or post office open until 9pm?
Why aren't the grocers wearing hair nets and gloves?
Why isn't the arriving train announced with a cute jingly bell song?
Where is the genkan in my apartment?
Shouldn't tofu man be bringing around his cart about now?

Oh right! Because I'm not in Japan anymore, and I actually forgot for a second.

Isn't that strange? It's not really along time but it felt quite that way.


  1. Ooohhhh!! I love the owl photo. What a sweet little soft light.

  2. That night light is so pretty.