May 9, 2013

Nabano Sato Illuminations なばの里イルミネーション

Nabano Sato [site]

The Illuminations are every February - March, then March - April they host a fab tulip/spring flower festival.

I do not recommend going on the last weekend though... wow was it crowded!

But with a special deal you can get your train ticket included, about $10 worth of free food and a discount on your admission - ...

so I highly recommend that in case you want to lessen the sting of a hundred bajillion people crammed up against you walking half mile an hour for 189 minutes...

But hey, look at all these awesome pictures I got out of it :D


  1. Those first three photos are magic!

  2. Woah, that looks so magical! But your description of the crowds is unfortunate. Don't you wish they would hold multiple events like these so people wouldn't all gather in one go? :/