May 14, 2013

Roy Clark + a vegan whoopie pie

The studio this morning.

Stopped into the Bean Counter for a client meeting, had a great vegan maple whoopie pie and anEarl Grey tea.

Because my father is a life-long guitar player, I grew up listening to him practicing in his room, and the sound of acoustic guitars always resonates good memories with me.

Andy and I have been watching lots of episodes of the Odd Couple lately, and this episode with Roy Clark was just so awesome, I had to share this fantastic clip of him playing "Malaguena"

He turned 80 just last month, wow, and he's still playing, that's pretty amazing (thank you Wiki)

Here are a few more clips of his incredible range 

(and "Black Sapphire" on HeeHaw with animated pigs for some reason)

Can you tell he's a classically trained violinist?

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  1. that place looks got me wanting pie! of any sort