May 19, 2013

Storm + pics from the week

New art ending on eBay in a few hours :)

So crazy busy, one of the things I both love and hate, I guess?  Well, okay I never hate it, but it can be stressful.

Here are some pics from the past 2 weeks, flea markets, nurseries and seeing some amazing art by Michael Hachey

I think his work is really wonderful

At PJ's diner somewhere in Western Mass.

(go for the red pepper hash, stay for the Children's art gallery)

My new favorite food EVER -

Tortas from Tenoch

Breezy Bend Nursery + Llama Farm

At Brimfield this Tuesday, check out this great poster:

Gogia Pasha and his Bhoot Mahal!  

He's Gilly Gilly Wonderman,

the World's Greatest Magician !


  1. you make me happy its "summer"

    1. Aw thanks, B

      and I forgot to reply to your last comment about being black in Japan - I wouldn't worry about it, you know even out in the sticks there was a black lady shopping at the market? I wonder where she was from originally, wanted to ask but didn't.