June 9, 2013

Bits from the Week

Fitchburg sunday market

amazing BLT from Meadow Brook Orchards

Meadow Brook Orchards + Farm

cashew hummus wrap from Life Alive in Salem, MA

crepes at the Pink House bed & breakfast 
(Thank you, Nancy + Jim Ferguson) in Marblehead, MA

NASA Day / "Touch Tomorrow" Robot exhibition at WPI

Worcester PolyTechnical Institute

lovely nursery in Lunenburg, MA

I have so much work to do this summer it's just nutty!

Sorry for the lack of artwork updates - I've been so bogged down with commission work, client work + projects I can't reveal yet, there is not much for me to blog except daily living and show more pictures from the month in Japan.

I'm hoping after these big projects are wrapped up, I can do a huge website update (it desperately needs it!) and get back on Frankenstein 1921 now that I have some free time.  Issue #3 is so close to being done, just need to really put the last few hours in.

Oh my god, I just realized my birthday is this Wednesday!  Whoa!  

That means my family is going to come over, better prepare myself ;)

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