July 7, 2013

Japan Dispatches 第23回 - Nagoya to Hida 名古屋から飛騨まで

from the platform at Nagoya Station

*Dear my clients: No, I'm not still in Asia :)

Here are some more pictures from my month in Japan last March/April.

After recovering from bronchitis (and Shinjuku - many thanks to Yuka) the next day my family and I were off from Nagoya to the old town of Gero, far into the rural countryside.

The train trip itself was magical, let alone the destination (and onsen - Sweet Jesus, the onsen) and it was a bonding experience that took my in-laws from being "in-laws" to real family.  I'm so grateful for that :)

We left Nagoya JR Station in the morning, but not before grabbing some amazing food at the Takashimaya 1st Level Food Court. (デパート地下)

I hate using the term "food court" to describe depatochika because it implies a level of American Mall-fast-food-frozen-blech-chainness, ... 

when in fact all the food there is highly gourmet, full of culinary delicacies, and incredibly delectable...

and oh my god the samples!!
I ate:
  • heart
  • liver
  • soft bone 
  • and I'm pretty sure pancreas

haha...  it was all good!

Wound up with this Unagi rice (unagi is eel, which is a specialty of Nagoya)


My family must think I'm crazy for photographing a graveyard

(which is intensely bad luck to the Japanese - 

a ghost will go into your camera and follow you home!!)

.... oh my goodness, NOW I understand Fatal Frame!

 Passed the most beautiful little towns, which gradually got smaller and smaller, until all the farmland turned into mountains and cliffs by the river...

and finally we arrived in Gero!

Gero Onsen  is a little town far into rural Hida, in the Northern section of Gifu Prefecture (飛騨市、岐阜県)

Here is a great English website for more info...

sweet potato crackers
satsumaimo karintou

Featuring "Saru Bobo" Hida's official mascot

More on the onsen next time! :)


  1. Anonymous8.7.13

    I love little countryside towns surrounded by nature. Those mountains are beautiful. I could spend a whole day walking through that town.
    I'm excited to see your onsen pics :)

  2. Good times :)

    I'm glad you could experience Gero with us. Hope you guys can come visit us soon!!

    Are you gonna post our wild karaoke pictures also? ;)

  3. I love your pictures! The little houses like so unreal, like fake little houses on the opening scene of Mr. Rogers. Nevertheless, everything looks so beautiful and orderly.

    1. Thank you Thao! Yeah everything was mind-blowingly clean compared to Boston!!