July 1, 2013

Happy July

Almost time for Brimfield again, although it's tough for me to walk around so many miles in the July heat.  I really prefer the May/September shows.

Had a great time at the Loving Hut in Worcester, 
an all vegan Thai/Chinese food restaurant.

Pretty delicious, can't wait to go back and try more of the menu :)

Andy and I like to take Sunday drives, not super far, usually just about 40 minutes each way, but we like to discover new towns and roads we've never travelled.

It's the perfect time of year for checking out the local farms here in MA, lots of berry picking and fresh fruit preserves, fresh eggs and all that.

We really love Meadow Brook Orchards lately, I think it'll be our third time there in two months.

They have great sandwiches and good coffee, and you get a slice of watermelon for dessert with every order :)

Wild strawberries are growing in our back yard!  Woo!

The porch garden is looking pretty good, my tomatoes are pretty huge but no fruit yet, and the dahlias haven't started to bud either.

But man, what an improvement over last year - when I was basically THE HAND OF DEATH to plants.

Happy July!


  1. Your pictures are pretty as always. A slice of watermelon sounds wonderful right now. I sure wish I have wild strawberries growing in my backyard. Are they safe to eat? Or are they just not tasty?

  2. so many yummy food things :9