July 15, 2013

Japan Dispatches 第25回 - Gero Kankou Hotel 下呂観光ホテル

I can't say enough about the incredible hospitality + overall perfection that is Gero Kanko Hotel (+ here)


the gift shop

dining hall where you choose your own fresh mushrooms on a log 

(much like choosing your own lobster here in MA)

green tea + wagashi upon arrival

the yukata I chose

we reserved our bath times at the front desk, and after dinner they gave us a lantern  and we walked down the lighted cliffs at night to the bath houses in the forest!

The walk way was quite steep, and it took my breath away to 
descend the winding stone paths and 6 staircases down the valley...

plum blossom petals litter the walk way to the baths

After dinner + a bath it's time for some yuzu sake and karaoke...

Tomoko killin' it at karaoke

OH my god, "The Goonies R Good Enough" -  ... I love Japan

view from the balcony


1113 Koden, Gero-shi, Gifu, 509-2206 Japan

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