August 14, 2013

House of Mystery at 23 Meteor Street

Here is a new piece I recently completed for Gallery 1988's upcoming tribute to Edgar Wright show.

It was such fun to do - and working almost exclusively on a man-made object was a fun challenge.  Usually I do lots of organic objects, so it was great to switch it up.

The scanning doesn't bring out the colors - in actuality the colors are much more vibrant, and the orange is completely neon!

I wonder what it would look like under a black light???

The guy in the window is actually Tim's alien/monster costume that he has to wear to his job at the comic shop.

I thought it would be appropriate to pay homage to their love of comics & pop culture by referencing the old EC / DC horror comics of the 50s.  Especially since "Spaced" has a bit of a dark edge to it's humor.

I love Spaced, the show is so hilarious (clip below)

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  1. You're my favorite person on the internet! Seriously.
    Spaced was such an amazing show and your piece is brilliant :)