September 22, 2013

Boston Derby Dames team logos

Yay I can finally talk about this amazingly fun project I just finished!

It was really so cool to be asked by the Boston Derby Dames to help them re-brand their league and team logos; (I don't think they know that I had been hoping to work with them since 2006!!)

If you are in MA you should definitely check out a bout!

You can see the work on the team uniforms, merch and website: [BDD site]



It's important to really know your client.

If you really want a good experience; 
become temporarily obsessed with them and what they love.

Case in point:  It hit me kind of late in the game that I was working with a very dated skate design. Real roller derby athletes don't even use this kind of skate anymore.  If we were going for a retro design maybe it would be a good style to use, but that's not what the client wanted.  

By adding the stopper it dated the skate even more, and kind of kept it looking more ice-skate than anything.

So it wasn't until I started really studying the uniform that I realized I should be using the official skate itself!  DUH

Subtle changes



  1. Cool! The Cosmonaughties logo is my favorite.

  2. Nice work! I like the Cosmonaughties too, with the Arkham Horrors a close second.