September 29, 2013

Disarming Cupid

Went to a stunning lecture at the museum, so many new things learned - it was a wholly enlightening experience!  Made me see my workplace in a totally new light.

(The Veronese painting up there comes from the personal collection of Hester Diamond - Beastie Boy Mike D's mom!!! And also step mom of a woman at the museum - whatwhat)

Bought this bag from Madewell, the Lovelock tote, but returning it because it's simply too nice.

I can't have such a beautiful leather bag because it will only get scratched and I wouldn't want to use it for fear of wear.

So I exchanged it for a much cheaper bag I can beat the stuffing out of and not care.

Finishing up a new painting for the Spoke art gallery, can you tell what movie it's from?

Hope you're enjoying this lovely season, can't believe my 3 year wedding anniversary is coming up soon!

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