September 15, 2013

Marvel Avengers / X-Men pin-ups

Hey friends,

You may have noticed a lack up frequent updates and commercial artwork - and that's because I recently wrapped up work on some secret projects… 

… and also because life is busy busy bee, even though the blog makes it appear that I just romp around New England all day I'm actually working in my studio and in Natick quite a bit.

But here are some pin ups that went on eBay this month, as well as some that are ending RIGHT NOWWWW and some that are ending next Sunday (9/22) at 10pm. EST!

Hawkeye (ended)

Medusa (ending 9/22)

Wolverine + Kitty Pryde (ended)

Thor (ending NOW)

Thor (ending 9/22)

Wolverine (ended)

Thanks for watching!

 I always post auctions on Sundays!


  1. Throws out sketch book

    I really need to practice more. Your stuff is just so inspiring!!! XD

    1. Thanks! But don't throw out your sketchbook there's good stuff in there

  2. MY GOD! The black widow one is brilliant!!!!!

    1. haha thank you! but the post was just taken from the movie, lol