October 7, 2013

Autumnal eating + Instagram

I love starting my day with a hard boiled egg on toast with spinach, red onion and peppers.

Made a Greek yogurt dill cucumber dip. But it's hard to eat cold food now that it's getting cooler...

Mini pumpkin pie with cinnamon

Butternut squash + roasted red pepper soup

In other news, I am so happy these days I feel so renewed!

I have lots of projects to work on, lots of plans for the future.  Unfortunately Frankenstein issue 3 won't be ready for Halloween due to client projects, but it's not going away.  Still writing and working on it bit by bit.  I'll probably be posting artwork from that this month anyway, to get into the fall-spirit.

After a period of feeling lost, it seems there was nothing to really worry about after all.  

I thought maybe comics weren't for me, that my confidence had been misplaced.  But only after a brief stint working a regular job it quickly became apparent that a regular job is DEFINITELY NOT for me.  So I quit after a week and dove back into art full-force!

And besides, art is already my full-time, "regular job" anyway, something I'm much more grateful for now.
Hope you all are doing something that makes you happy every day :)

….. Also!

Instagram<<<<  this  

Allie Oop says hello

 Because I'm super late on all these social networking things - I have an instagram (which you'd think I'd already be addicted to since I love snapping pictures)

I don't usually use the Instagram feature, I'm more about LINE camera, actually (if you're interested)

And I'm also loving POKOPANG!  by Line :D


  1. I don't know why but hard boiled eggs taste better in autumn (at least to me).

    1. Don't they though? and so filling too :)

  2. Glad to hear you aren't feeling lost! Regular jobs suck (well, my current one does anyway).

    Followin you on instagram...I use LINE too, to talk to my Japanese friend. I haven't used the camera much yet. If you ever want to chat on LINE, let me know! Especially for Japanese practice...(which I need to start with my J-friend, haha).

    1. Thanks, Megan!


  3. make my meals please everything looks so yummy! ah so glad you joined insteee! XD