November 17, 2013

Boston Derby Dames

the merch table has the logos I did, gave me a little thrill to see people wearing them

Thanks to Rough Anne Tumble for allowing me to catch my first ever Women's Flat track Roller Derby game this weekend!

I still am not sure how the game is really played as far as scoring and penalties, but it was so exciting to check out some ace skating!

Space Invader from the Cosmonaughties was really something else!  When my friend told me she had trained her I didn't realize that was kind of a big deal - wow

I also really enjoyed seeing so many people enjoying the new logos.  Working on that project was my favorite branding assignment ever - so much fun!

the scoreboard using the new logos

I love the way the team members pick stage names.

You gotta read these; I absolutely love them… my favs:

Wicked Pissahs
  • Assault n’ Flattery
  • Bad Person
  • BloodBath Bettie
  • Call Me Mayhem
  • Estrogeena Davis
  • Knuckle Sammy
  • Miss Mary Smack
  • Rough Ann Tumble
  • The Gun Show

  • Artoo Detoonate #B33P
  • Coopa Troopa #14
  • Elle L. Cool Jam #429
  • Jackie K.O. #10
  • Slam Chowdah #51A
  • Tears for Phearsome #37

Arkham Horrors
  • Hayley Contagious (co-captain)
  • Wanda Herchu (co-captain)
  • America Ferocious
  • Beantown Brawler
  • Dolly Spartan


  • Belle Air Bomber (co-captain)
  • Crown Joules (co-captain)
  • Badonkey Kong
  • Dottie Danger
  • Dr Pepper Spray
  • Haddie Collider
  • Kitty Twister
  • Maya Mangleyou
  • Pass the Biscuits
  • Pegasister
  • Planitz Collide
  • Smackarena

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  1. These names are too punny (¬‿¬)