November 28, 2013

Manga Nation at the Peabody Essex Museum

The good people at the Peabody Essex Museum invited us to host a comic art workshop last week, and it was super fun.

I'm not sure how many people came by, maybe around 100, considering our panel count was about 120 and a handful of people did 2.  

We came up with a new project, taking the classic Japanese folk tale of Momotaro and breaking it down into a sentence-by-sentence script, whereby each becomes a comic panel.  Whichever panel you get is kind of a luck-of-the-draw, it's drawn and stuck on a large scroll in sequential order.  

It was a great night!  But we ended up missing the rest of the celebration, sushi, Anime dance party, lecture series and all.  Oh well!  Our projected rocked the hardest.

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