November 17, 2013

On the easel: A peek at "Lydia"

Life is returning to normal and that means lots of art to make! It's crunch-time here, only 3 weeks until we leave for Japan.  Any and his brother both conveniently have birthdays between Christmas and New Years, so we thought it'd be nice to spend them together.

I do love being busy, not just for financial purposes but creatively, too.  There is no time to fret and second guess your instincts when you have 4 paintings to do in 3 weeks.  It really helps to power through problems, too.

For instance, when I was 99% done with this Beetlejuice painting, I DROPPED MY BRUSH ON LYDIA's FACE ... And yes it totally had black gouache on it.

but there was no time to hyperventilate... So I wiped it down and started over.

She doesn't look like Winona Ryder, but I think it's okay. Can't lose sleep over it.

1988 Issey Miyake shoes…

Do you recognize all the things and places in the photos?

The re-done face (above)

Put my name in creatively for the first time

More images + process work soon!

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