December 12, 2013

Boston - Toronto - Tokyo - Nagoya

Back in Japan this month visiting family for the holidays :)

This time my husband could join us! Yay!  It was really harder than I thought being away from him last time.  But now I miss the dog ... Ah well

The sunrise coming in the plane cabin.  

I'm always excited to take a plane, although when it's finally up in the air I realize how much I hate flying.  It's tough travelling for 24 straight hours, cramped in a little seat, crushing air pressure on your head, can't sleep, can't stay awake, it's a weird purgatory.

I'm jealous of people who get to fly to Japan directly!  Boston only has 1 airline for direct flights, which unfortunately puts the tickets at a price point we can't afford.

We need to take minimum of 3 planes to go one way!  Yeesh.  It's rough.

JAL, Delta and American Airlines are too expensive for us. 

 However, our first experience with Air Canada ROCKED SO HARD and our 3 flights were cumulatively less time, less money and more comfortable than any other trip!  Highly recommend. :)

Got my favorite, hojicha (roasted rice green tea) and Calpis for Andy

I'm really looking forward to experiencing Christmas & New Years in Japan but especially with my lovely in-laws.  I finally have an older brother and sister!  Being the oldest in my family of 3 girls, it's fun for me :)

But this isn't 100% vacation.  

We brought our laptop to keep working and communicating with our clients.

It's so fun to keep up our daily lives like we live here or something!  

So feel free to contact me with professional inquiries, we can draw/design/illustrate from anywhere really.

More soon!