December 29, 2013

Everyday we walk 毎日歩いている

Everyday we go for a long walks around noon.  Andy and I like to discover all the hidden things in this town and the neighboring ones.  We usually get a cheap lunch from the market or convenience stores, go back to the apartment and work for a bit, then venture out again when dusk falls.

Everyday there is more beauty to find in the mundane.

Orange custard bread and white sweet bean donut

Lots and lots of cyclists and I'm perpetually in their path.

Small Buddhist shrine by a crosswalk.

I love apple chu-hai :)

The winding foot bridge high over 2 cho-me

I also love yuzu sake :)

Ham and egg salad croquette, grilled bean sprouts, pickled carrots and tofu

Another winter fav, roasted sweet chestnuts


  1. I really want to try chuhai!

    1. It's so good! I love every flavor except white grape, haha (there is like, grape skins floating in it!)