December 26, 2013

Japanese pop explosion: Mandarake

No trip to Osu is complete without visiting Mandarake (or any trip to Japan for that matter). If you like any kind of Japanese pop culture AT ALL you'll have a super time here.

Games, comics, toys, costumes, music (all either vintage or new) they have everything and we stayed so long it got dark out!!  And we came back again in the same day!!

I was so overwhelmed with inspiration my brain was going to explode.

Shelves upon shelves of vintage manga from the 1950s to now.

The kind staff person let us see a FISRT PRINTING of Gegege no Kitaro!!!   We didn't even ask, I just wanted to know where the vintage collections of Kitaro where and he was like, "Oh here, look at this $700 book"

I'm spoiled by excellent japanese service, there's no way I can deal with American customer service after this.

Another Harlock for JJ.

Vintage 50s / 60s / 70s toys grouped by character

The bright colors all around, can't focus...

My holy grail of toys... The super rare 1994 Sailor Moon props... Sailor Neptune, Uranus and Pluto transformation wands and accessories, Sailor Moon compacts and pens... Oh man...

Even here in Japan, these are very rare and veeeerrryyy expensive...

See those boxes up there on the right?  the same green + lavender wands as the middle but in the box?

See those?

Guess how much they are.

Picked a number?

Ok, the answer is .....

$1600.00 US FOR EACH ONE. ($500 ea. out of box)

Sweet Jesus...

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