December 20, 2013

Osu Kannon side streets 大須観音の横道

Andy and I had a great day yesterday wandering the vast marketplace of Osu Kannon.  It was so nice to revisit there again together since our honeymoon 3 years ago.  

I had missed so many details, like this lovely temple here.  But my favorite aspects of Japan remain the same; like the bags of trash cleanly tied together, the lack of litter and graffiti, the abundance of good food, the convenient .... Ugh everything, and quiet supermarkets and subways.

It can be so quiet in a crowded public space, an inside-voice can sound positively obnoxious.

We spent the whole day walking the nakamisedoori, then downtown to Sakae and back to Kamimaezu.  Not are how many miles in all, but it felt good to collapse at the end of the day into a heavy sleep.

I love these little side streets and quiet neighborhoods.  You can live in a busy city and find a peaceful corner to live on.

This beautiful little temple is situated right in this neighborhood.  These people walk by it every day, it must be so common place to them, but for a traveller like me it's quite moving.

Osu Kannon itself is a larger temple in Nagoya, but here these are several smaller shrines scattered about the shopping arcade and neighborhood.

Can you see the little tanuki figure in the tree pot?


  1. These pictures are so comforting, even though I've never been to Japan. The design, the style, the colors, the order, the cleanliness - it's all so pleasant to the eye. Just so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Thao! I love these little alleys, so much to discover