December 27, 2013

Sakae, Sekaido + Parco Nagoya

Andy and I had a great time walking all over Sakae in Christmas Eve, taking in the sights and sounds. I wanted to stop in Parco to visit an art supply store called "Sekaido" (World market?). I had been to. Parco Shibuya before, but Parco Nagoya I think is even bigger.  It's 3 buildings with 5-8 floors each, pretty massive.

But it's worth it, and if you are an artist or musician, you should make a trip to Sekaido (they have instruments too at this location)

They were having a Comic Fair where manga supplies were 20-30% off (which for me is like blood in the water for a shark and I bought way more than can fit in my luggage)

My favorite paints!  Holbein Acryla gouache!  It's so expensive in the US, I bought three sets and will promptly throw out my dying tubes at home.

Nice little German Christmas market outside.

We grabbed some delicious and cheap curry from Coco Ichiban


What is this?? Sailor Moon figures at Kid's Land? Yes, I think I need one of these too.... (as luck would have it I found one for less at Mandarake because it was returned, woohoo!)

And last but certainly not least, a very happy birthday to my love, Andy!!

Happy birthday!!



  1. Happy birthday to Andy and Happy shopping to you !

  2. How cool! Glad you got to stock up on some art supply. And happy birthday to Andy!

  3. Lovely post! May I know what is the cost of the Holbein acryla gouache at Japan? :)