December 21, 2013

Walking in Osu Kannon 1 // 大須観音の商店街

Selling winter kimonos and hanten for home wear and hatsumode.


Osu smells like good food and sound like clacking shoes and bike chimes... I could explore it forever a and never get bored...

A little onsen/sauna down the alley

Wow, these My Little Pony's make me nostalgic...

懐かしいわよ!! マイーリトルポニー。。。

Look what we found!!  The Frankestein monster toy Andy designed!!  (The middle one)

Picture of Captain Harlock for JJ!

The arcade stretched for a long time, several blocks, and at each intersection empties out into quiet side streets,

Some grilled squid with your ice cream?

Delicious authentic Indian curry


  1. Aw that's so cool that Andy found a product of his design!

    1. I got all excited but people just looked at me weird, haha, thanks Thao ;)