January 18, 2014

Mr. Freeze

Couldn't be a more appropriate day to be inside painting Victor Freis... Fries?  frees?  Uh don't know the spelling...

Allie as usual kept my back warm on the chair...

Working on a new piece for a Batman villains show in NYC this February.

My New Year's door charm from Japan.  It's called a shimekazari. 

(締め shime = to tie + 飾り kazari = ornament)

Couldn't wait to break in my new Acryla Holbein gouache paints I bought from Sekaido!  Sekaido is a fab art store on the 5th floor of Parco Nagoya.

***Sekaido has better prices on art supplies than LOFT, FYI***


  1. BRRR...that looks cold! Meanwhile in California, we might be facing a drought since we're not having enough snow.

    1. Oh wow, I guess one shouldn't be jealous, right?

  2. The new artwork looks amazing!! Great. Now I want fries...

  3. what the sheck is ally still doing there?!?!? did you decide to keep that little baby?? i love your mr freeze btw ugh youre amazing! did i tell you I saw a 1988 book at Chicago Comics and was like "I KNOW HER"