January 21, 2014

Poison Ivy process work

I was contacted by One Shot Gallery in NYC to contribute a piece to their upcoming Batman Villains themed show "A Curious and Cowardly Lot".  If you're in the area you can check out the exhibition housed at one if my old haunts St. Mark's Comics

More info soon :)

But I got carried away doing these little 9x9" gouache paintings, and I happen to be slightly obsessed with the batman animated series, especially the Bruce Timm / Paul Dini Gotham Knights run.  

I had to watch every episode growing up, from the rumbling music starting and red Gotham sky to the Alan Brunette, Andrea Romano names scrolling on the credits.

Now years later I can actually visualize who these people are and what they do to actually make a program. Thank you, art school

I'm thinking a small, complimentary color palette.  

Blue-violet and yellow-orange for Mr. Freeze, green-aqua and pink for Ivy...

After drawing I like to ink using water-based inks and start color blocking lights and darks.

Smoothing out the edges using a pen.  Finishing up the piece now - more soon!

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