February 19, 2014

Another sick day, another snow storm

Day 5... I think these new Sudafeds are going to do the trick, though.

This cold has really knocked me out, and it came at a really bad time.  I have about 6 paintings due in a month and besides getting them framed, photographed and shipped out there are so many client projects that have immovable deadlines.

Usually I enjoy the pressure, it keeps me from over thinking things and that typically makes for a better piece.  But lately I can't keep the inspiration going.  I keep scrapping ideas and starting over, which give less time for production.

While being sick I've been discovering some new things, namely Ken Burn's "The West" documentary (and even found the companion book at my favorite new old book store "The Shire")

The endless snow storms are also wearing me down.  Every year I think "Dear Lord, why do I live here??" But it's pretty just the same and soon it wil be over.

Bought my favorite peach jam and thankfully could actually taste it!  Hallelujah!

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