February 21, 2014

In the Guinness World Record Book

my piece of the jam comic

Yay! 94 artists around the world, myself included, get to say we are contributors to the "Most Contributors to a Published Comic Book" world record.  Woohoo!

The Pieces Project was assembled by Jakub Mazerant of IllustrateYourLIFE Gallery and I would imagine took much time and effort on his part to organize, collect and promote all this work.

This is essentially a world-jam comic, full of color and equally full of sequential nonsense.

My contribution is on page 27 of Part 1, top panel with the pink skeleton.

You can see a buddy of mine from Boston, Brian Reddy's work on page 26, panel 2 (wow we have similar color sense)  He's amazing!

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  1. That's amazing! Congratulations! :)