February 9, 2014

Nagoya wanderings 2

More pictures from last month :)
Taken in various spots around Nagoya
(downtown Osu, Sakae, Mukigaoka and Hill's Walk)

a very 70's sign from an old shop in Mukigaoka called "Tanpopo" or dandelion

神子 Miko (shrine girls) cleaning up after the thousands of New Year's visitors.
Most of these girls are in high school, and this is their part-time job, working at the shrines.

I couldn't help but get a bit excited thinking about Rei Hino from Sailor Moon!

I tried to get to Tokyo to see the shrine used in the comics, but sadly it was not to be.

Miauen!  I believe this is the German word for "meow"?

My favorite zakka store in the world!  The little old lady who runs it is super nice.

Link… [Osu Guide]

Some day I'll go inside this mysterious place...

Another top favorite store in Osu Market place.  Filled with American and Japanese retro toys, cards, games, antiques and other bits of nostalgia.

The farmer's market stays open until about 8pm down the wider alleys of Osu

万松寺通り or "ten thousand pines temple street"


  1. Ah, I've never thought that Hikawa shrine might be a real place, haha. I'm going to Tokyo myself..maybe I'll try to visit it!

    1. You're going!! That's great news!! Have a blast, Meg

  2. Anonymous14.2.14

    I enjoy going through travel photos. Your photos of Japan are making me more excited as I plan to study Japanese in April then hopefully travel there!

  3. Anonymous14.2.14

    I enjoy going through travel photos. Your photos make me more excited as I am planning to study Japanese in April and hopefully travel there after :)