March 12, 2014

Dig Boston Cover x St. Patty's Day

Hello all,

The folks at Dig Boston asked me to create a cover for their St. Patty's Day issue, to go along with their top story, the very recent legislation legalizing then un-legalizing "upskirt photography".  They sent along and idea for me to go with, specifically with this kid taking an upskirt of an Irish Bagpiper.

Scott Murry had this idea, which works both topically and aesthetically.
Thanks for the art direction, Scott :D

I know that some people found this image disturbing and creepy, which I understand.
Scott and I discussed different scenarios.

* Should he have been sleeping and accidentally take the picture?

* Should he have been trying to take a shot of a girl and get the kilt instead?

In the end we went with this, and it isn't meant to exonerate the punk kid with the cell phone as if he's funny or cute.

He's breaking the law, a law which has only been around for 7 days!  Thankfully MA changed it's mind on that issue, thanks Deval :)

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