March 25, 2014

It's spring somewhere

A lovely package from a lovely friend!

From Shippoya in Yanaka and a character catalogue from the YuruKyara Summit in November!

Makes for hilarious reading.  They rank all the prefecture mascots in Japan and list all their vital stats such as birthplace, blood type (?), and favorite things,

Even found one that looks like my dear Lindsay!!


Been a crazy month, hardly time to write or blog about it.

But I'll be able to reveal a project soon that I've been working on for a museum for 6 months now, which is exciting.  Opens this week - whoosh and it's hear before you know it.

Attempting to go vegan one day a week but it's difficult for me to give up yogurt.  My diet is about 90% vegetarian as it is so you'd think it'd be a short jump...  

Also been taking milk thistle to help cleanse my liver and have to say I really like it, I think it's even helping my skin.

Anyway, between dinner with friends, movie dates and constant projects (thank you Jesus) we are busier than ever.  I'm grateful for that because this long and brutal winter is killing me and I'm desperate to take my mind of it!

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  1. Yum! Your food pictures look great.

    I think it gets exponentially harder when you go Vegan. I don't think I can give up my diary products. And eggs and honey. @__@

    Can't wait to see your project when you're done!