April 7, 2014

Sailor Moon for Gallery 1988 10th Ann. Show

I was super honored to be asked to participate in Gallery 1988's 10th Anniversary show happening at the end of this week in LA.

Not only does it fill me with personal and professional glee to share the roster with some of the most amazing artists ever, Gallery 1988 has been a place dear to me even though I've never even been able to set foot in one of their spaces yet.

Thanks to my pal Teddy Hose, (who kindly gave them my information), I've been fortunate to have a great relationship with this gallery, and their success and innovation continue to inspire.

I don't think my piece is particularly breath-taking or even very clever, but I did want to do something a bit more personal that would satisfy my 14 year old self.

Sailor Moon is also sharing an anniversary, 20th, actually, and this cartoon would incite in me a love of Japanese art, culture, comics and language that has yet to wane.

So above is my contribution, a tip of the hat to Sailor Moon, G1988 and the early French Renaissance court painters.

(Prints available in May!)

I used gold gouache to add a metallic sheen.

All the prints will have this same gold added

After painting, I went back in with some fine pens (Le Pens to be exact) to bring out details such as her eye lids, lips, nose and any very thin shadows.

I prefer working this way as apposed to using super tiny brushes

excerpt from the original Japanese comic


 The paintings that I used for reference (of young Marie Antoinette)

The dress artist Naoko Takeuchi used for Usagi's Princess dress in the comics

show info:

OPENING: APRIL 11th, 7 - 10 pm
on display through April 26th

Gallery 1988 West
7308 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Thanks!   Hope you can make it!


  1. This is so great, if you offer this print + the princess bubblegum one I would buy them asap! I'd love to have them hanging in my room ^^

    1. Thanks lady! They are on the way, being ordered this week and ready for shipping in early May :)

  2. Anonymous7.4.14

    This is wonderful! I think I know quite a few friends who would absolutely love this print.
    Luna looks like such a lovely royal cat. I think the style quite fits her character :)

    1. Thank you! haha good point on Luna

  3. Ahhhh sailor moooooonn!! Excuse me while I let me inner fangirl go wild. :3

  4. OMG This is amazing! AMAZING! *fangirl mode activated*