May 27, 2014

Batman Series prints available now

Hello friends,

Hope everybody had a good Memorial Day weekend - I am really slacking when it comes to updating my blog regularly, there is just too much to do!

The opening was really fun, the place got really packed at 8pm - and there were lots of sales!  Art buyers are special people, aren't they?

Finished making some really glorious ink jet prints (if I do say so myself - because it was SUCH a pain and required lots of Epson technical paroozal) but totally worth it because they are so beautiful…

Prints are 8.5"x11" inkjet on archival Epson art paper, matte

$25.00 each or

2 for $40 // 3 for $50 // 4 for $60 // 5 for $75

Here's what the full print looks like :