May 14, 2014

Report from Brimfield

Andy, myself and our friend Jim went to the big Brimfield Antique Fair this Tuesday, and it was such a party!

We've been so many times now I think at some point I'll do a guide about it…

I know where all the good bathrooms are after all, hehe
Anyway, took lots and lots of reference shots for the comics I'm working on right now, super helpful.  Had been looking for a light field jacket for the spring and wouldn't you know it, first tent we go in (yellow and white stripey one in the front) BAM find a jacket.  AW YEAH.  Good omens….

I bought some gorgeous white coral from this seller - couldn't decide which kind - they were all so lovely!  In 2008 I passed up some white coral from a antique fair in Des Moines, IA - so it was great to find it here in abundance and for less.

Jim bought an amazing space-kid book and some vintage ice cream shoppe die cuts for his garage (he makes amaaaaazing and legendary home-made ice cream!)

for goodness' sake

love vintage containers…

my dream studio drawers.  For all my works on paper and art supplies


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