June 25, 2014

More from HeroesCon

I think this was my fav commission of the show next to Steve's Big Barda, which he got inside the Jack Kirby Artist edition book.  Above is "Anna Mendoza" for D

Going to miss the hotel's fruit water in the lobby every morning... Sigh... So good

My piece sold well in the auction, which was a relief as I waited with nervous tension in the back.  (*that's not me holding it, it's one of the awesome ladies that walk around showing the art as it comes up on the block - this year's theme for their costumes was WonderWoman, of course!)

More updates soon!!

Awesome dad right there as Tina

Joe snapped this picture on Friday, and by Sunday we were pretty much cleared out!

Many thanks to all who commissioned me for artwork, bought Pirates of Mars (we sold out!!) and Frankenstein, got prints and original art.

So immensely appreciated

But the con highlight had to have been meeting JJ Kahrs and the lovely Katie for the first time!!  We've worked together for years on Pirates of Mars but never met in person… until now!

And it was epic.

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