August 13, 2014

Memories of Japan: the walk to Taiko

The taiko class I took last year.

They even gave me signed bachi sticks!!

I walked 2 miles to get to this class, my feet bloodied from wearing the wrong shoes, the instruction only given in Japanese, trying to keep up with 8 year olds -

but man, this experience changed my life.

I mean really, playing Kagura Wadaiko is a passion now.

The teacher was kind enough to even give me a shakuhachi flute and an instructional DVD!  So I can practice at home!!

Here are some low-quality shots from the long walk to the night class.



一方2マイルを歩いてかかれたし、足が血塗れたし(ブーツのせいで)日本語しか受け取れなかったし、他の生徒はとても上手な8歳子供いたし、。。。 最高経験!! 

星座風太鼓DVDと尺八をくれた。本当に感動したよ! いい機会だった

歩きながら写真を撮った (ちょっとNG)


  1. That's just too cool that you got to take a taiko class in Japan. How fluent are you in Japanese btw? That' so impressive. And that's awesome a pretty cool travel idea - taking a class and immersing yourself into the local culture that way.

    1. Thanks! I'm not fluent, my brother in law definitely is and his Japanese wife is fluent in English, so I am pretty slow behind their level, but it's progressing :) I can read basic books and have conversations but often stutter and lag a bit :)

  2. That is so awesome. You must be really good in Japanese if you managed to keep up with everything. I hope your feet were ok in the long run!

    1. Thanks - it's not bad but my ability isn't great either, haha, I can't understand regional dialects or thick accents or sarcasm but that's how it goes :)